Saturday, August 29, 2015
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Founded in 2012, the mission of United Athletics is to pair local athletes and individuals who require physical assistance to participate in a variety of events – swimming, biking, running, and triathlon races, promoting both social inclusion and fellowship.

In 2014 a medical fund began where our families can apply for assistance in paying for their extensive medical bills.  See Charity Tab for further information. 

Funds raised for United Athletics are used to purchase equipment (bike trailers, adaptive strollers, rafts, tire changing kits, life jackets, etc), to pay for the Assisted Athlete's race fees, any hotel costs for out of town races, and any other expenses that the Assisted Athletes might occur during the course of our races.  The remaining funds are then used to fund our medical program.


 How can you get involved?

Go to our "Events" tab and see what races United Athletics has on our race schedule.

Go to our "Sign up" tab and register for the appropriate category. 


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